Literary doodle pad

An honest fraction.

At one point I was running through some bluebells

and for just a couple of seconds I felt

I needed to stop running, and give up and cry,

I faltered for a microsecond,

then I kept running and I thought about other things.

So is it the untainted beauty of the ideal that prompts the pain of the less than ideal?



Comments on: "An honest fraction." (5)

  1. Yes, I believe so. All things are perfect in God’s creation, yet we set a different standard on them. We do not accept, “as is,” but always wish to find a way to make it better. By having this innate drive to make things better, we are assuming that (1) they can be better and (2) they should be better. Unfortunately, it’s that same feeling of striving for more and better that keeps running even when we feel we want to just fall down and cry out in frustration.

    So, in the end, I suppose that even the feeling of pain regarding the less than ideal is still a form of perfection in itself.


    • Awww… it goofed up my little doggy face. đŸ˜¦ Boo hoo. : o ) There!

    • Thanks Jessica. :]
      I find creation does funny things to my emotions… it’s so glorious, yet when I see it’s perfection in places it haunts me what we have done to it, and to each other. xx

  2. Bluebells got into your soul as a signature of the ideal. God’s original artwork. They got there from the place of their fragile, serene, perfumed beauty into my eyes, heart, through my soul to yours when I carried you, knowing we had only days before your birth and they made me want to dance through them. I think almost as easily they could have inspired tears, for the same qualities they portray, of what was lost and isn’t quite regained …permanently, until we walk among them in heaven…
    They are so symbolic of heaven’s gifts to me in May, 1988 and 1990.
    Yes, to your question. When we see what we’ve lost and ‘cannot replace…well, tears come streaming down our face’, don’t they?

    • You are such a wonderful woman. I love that picture you paint, and I really do feel so much in another world when I walk through woods of bluebells in dappled sunlight. Love you. Thank you. xx xx xx (nice use of Coldplay lyrics ;] )

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