Literary doodle pad

With family relationships it oft’ seems

That their deep hooks in our identity

Swift lead our reactions to extremes

And raw emotion of such potency.

It cannot be just biologically,

Though from our parents’ fibres we are knit,

The bond is also forged through history

of moments; smooth as marble, coarse as grit.

On life’s complex journey family extends

As with the paths of others it’s entwined

Through taking on the unexpected bends

We end up leaving precious ones behind.

For some love’s separation stings the heart

Which in defense builds walls to shield it’s pride,

Ironic that the catalyst that starts

The blaze is that which wants you by it’s side.

Not a child but evermore his daughter,

Flew the nest to seek the truth and live it,

Fully fledged you aint who he had thought yer,

Though truly loved, you just don’t neatly fit.

Integrity on you makes strong demands

Which, in conjunction with your wish to share,

Your loving questions he misunderstands;

Therefore so hard to keep investing there.

Seek refuge in the Lord’s unfailing grace,

He knows you and loves you beyond measure,

As with humility your words you lace,

Press on knowing you’re His precious treasure.

I love you heaps; more than I can convey

And wish that I could hold your hand right now,

I guess that’s all I really want to say,

I pray that Jesus uses this somehow.



Comments on: "Fully fledged treasure friend." (13)

  1. I love you tidgey *squiiiiiiish* xxx

  2. poetryuntold said:

    “Through taking on the unexpected bends
    We end up leaving precious ones behind”
    – Masterpiece. Keep ’em coming!

  3. Very beautifully said, Catie… I really like how your words flowed so effortlessly from family ties and nature v/s nurture, to that unquestionable relationship with God.. really very beautiful!!

  4. This is a very pretty poem, with some startling images threaded through… very interesting!

    • :] Thanks. It is about someone I love who has been hurt by her father, but who has gone on a journey of discovering more and more who she is and who God wants her to be, and how sometimes that puts strain on family relationships, which is painful, but still integrity is worth maintaining. :] xx

  5. What a great poem, I absolutely love it. Keep ’em coming!

  6. A poem that not only holds my hand but plants love directly into my heart!
    For future moments, future generations, tender as new shoots, and gracious.

  7. ‘i love you heaps, more than i can convey’ love this line:] good one.

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