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Ann Marie

My favourite way to while the time away:

When we lie chatting late at night and you

And I know there’s nothing we can’t say;

Rich silliness or gently talking through

Our worries till it’s almost breaking day.

Though in lots of ways we’re really different

I think it helps us help each other grow;

In response to challenge you are brilliant

And frankly I think the whole world should know.

But would I want to share you with them though?

You’ve always had the cheekiest of smiles

That without fail will get you off the hook.

You’ve helped me see the bright side of life’s trials

While somehow not allowing me denials,

And made me laugh till my whole body shook.

Been missing you excruciatingly,

Suffocation in anticipation

Of hugging you and talking properly,

This lengthy and frustrating separation

Highlights the delights of your company.

My Annie your the best sister ever,

Brave, funny, beautiful; such a treasure,

When God made you I bet He felt clever

And still looks on you with immense pleasure,

He is glorified through your endeavour.

Can’t wait to hang out with you this summer, I love you. xx

Comments on: "Ann Marie" (38)

  1. Great poem as always. Love your style and topics. Good stuff.

  2. Rings true to the two I’ve clucked and tutted over all these years…
    *You’re * the best daughters ever! 😀

  3. Aww… how ABSOLUTELY sweet is that!!! (*sniff*)
    Love the sentiment!

  4. A wonderful poets for a loving sister

  5. I have only one sister too… I could perfectly relate with every single word of your poem! Thanks for this moment!

    • I’m so glad for you, Sisters are just so fantastic! I wish I could somehow explain more eloquently how special she is. :] xx

  6. Can I trade my sister for yours?!?! How sweet, your love for her really did shine through with this poem. Darn, I need a tissue now.

    • Ha ha, well you see I don’t mean to be awfully selfish, but I’d really quite like to keep my sister forever… ;] Thanks. She’s spectacular. :] xx

  7. Awwww What a lovely tribute to your sister!

  8. I have a sis… and remember those days. Love your blog header.

  9. I have one,
    well done.

    Welcome to Poets Rally.

  10. Siblings are the only way to humanly salvation! 🙂 Love this poem, very moving at the same time very happy.

  11. A great tribute; touching and presented with just the right tone. ENJOYED!!!!!

  12. Ooh this is so sweet.
    Lovely poem.
    All blessing.

  13. Lovely dedication to a sister, she is lucky to have you writing about her ! Sweet!

  14. I have a gem of a sister too, and I love to spend time with her as well. I wouldn’t miss talking to her each day. Beautiful header!

  15. awww… super sweet 🙂

  16. Touching piece. I’m a big proponent on cherishing your loved ones. Thank you for doing so and sharing this with the rest of us. 🙂

  17. an awesome tribute to a loving sister

  18. i could relate to the poem in so many different ways and though i don’t have any siblings, but it is something i share with one of my cousins.. loved this one…

  19. You are blessed to have such a sister, and she is blessed to have this poem written for her. Lovely words which beautifully express the gift of sisterhood.

  20. Aww this is beautiful both you and your sister sound like wonderful people! Now I wish I wasn’t an only child

  21. Aww that was so sweet. Loved reading it

  22. What a way to honor your sister! I wrote about my aunt recently and it feels so good to honor someone with words!

    My favorite are these two lines!

    Suffocation in anticipation

    Of hugging you and talking properly,

  23. fantastic ! sisters are special !

  24. Thanks all. :] xx

  25. Suffocation in anticipation

    nice….. 🙂

  26. No one understands what its like to have a sister unless they have one! You captured it very well.

  27. Thanks for the award acceptance.

  28. Simply impressive ..
    I like the how the emotions flows throughout the poetry
    Here’s mine poetry work ..


  29. A beautiful way to show your love for a family member!

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