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Trashy Magazines

So why do we read trashy style magazines, or gossip magazines? What is it about them? Do you read Hello? More, OK or Elle? Personally I don’t think I’ve ever bought a fashion/style/gossip magazine, but I know I’ve scanned MANY.  In waiting rooms, in other people’s houses, in the sixth form common room I think I was first properly introduced to the onslaught of expectation and critique that is the women’s magazine industry.

It’s really odd, some deceptive headline catches your eye and you get drawn in, reading, judging, feeling judged…

It struck me it’s like boxing day, when you’ve been consistently full for about 24 hours, but somehow when someone waves a box of chocolates by you still take one. You know you’re not even a little bit hungry, and you know that you could really do without the calories, but somehow your brain bypasses the logic and you’re lured in by the temptation of those few moments where the caramel will feel smooth and taste good. You take one. It’s not nearly as enjoyable as you thought it would be. You feel a little bit sick and you look down at your belly and feel a bit repulsed. This is what it’s like with women’s magazines. A catchy title, an unsatisfying article, leaving you feeling fat, and guilty and wretched.

So what’s my point? Judging others isn’t fun. Seeking other people’s approval will never leave you feeling like you’ve fully succeeded. Momentary gratification is overrated.

Admiring beauty is fun and uplifting when kept in perspective. I hope to gain enough self control to choose the constructive and life giving things in life, and to resist the easy tempting moments. I’m gonna need help, but I think it’s worth it. :] xx

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  1. Love this post Catie!
    I would never really buy a fashion mag, but I’d read one if it was put in front of me. I really don’t know what it is about celebrity? Why do we even care?!

    Maybe we should make our own Christian fashion mag…how to be the perfect biblical woman?!

    • Hahaha… yeah, we could use the last chapter of proverbs and break it down into sections and work through it over a year… oh dear… haha, I’m not sure how encouraged I’d feel after readong one of those either. haha. xx

  2. I’m totally guilty of having bought many of these magazines in my… ahem… youngER years. 🙂 Why? I guess because I was a follower once and looked to things like magazines and E! to tell me what was “in” and what was “out”. Thank goodness that has changed. BUT I have to admit, I still like the way some magazines look on my coffee table- that’s the honest truth. I tend to lean toward decorative and art magazines now. I do read magazines that have thought provoking material but not trashy women’s ones that just make me want to spend money I things I need like I need a hole in my head! And yes, they also leave me feeling fat and very low on the perfection scale. Thanks for this post. 🙂

    • Yeah, I think some a certainly worse than others. Some are just filled with arty nice things that I want to cut out and put on my wardrobe, but yeah, they are worlds apart from the gossip ones. :] XxX

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