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Question Time

♦ To you ♦ To God

There’s a rude awakening on it’s way,

An inconvenient truth for some,

Many deficits to pay

By those who scorned His ransom.

This truth is brilliant, terrible too,

What would I give to make you see?

To demolish walls of preconception,

My pride? My popularity?

In theory that cost’s not so bad,

Certainly worth it to give you life!

But what if you just think I’m mad?

Then both are lost. Is this what stops me?

Couldn’t you convince them though?

With your great power, rip

Your Name into the sky? No?

You want relationship?

So what’s with people being ‘called’?

Did they have a choice?

What if they had shouted ‘NO!’

Would you hear their voice?

But much worse still, what about

The ones who were not chosen?

Who are preset to wall You out?

Can human hearts be frozen?

Free will too, plays a part

In our destination,

Consequences that we start

Through our ‘plan of action’

So do we choose or don’t we?

That’s what I’m really asking,

‘Cause if some people can’t be free,

Then what is your ‘Love’ masking?

Comments on: "Question Time" (6)

  1. it is good to wonder what’s going on in life.
    bless you…

    Happy Wednesday.

  2. yep – he just knocks on the door and leaves it to us if we open.. love the two voices write

  3. Very interesting meditation on identity, being, and preconceived notions. Much under the surface in terms of seeking a relationship opposed to dealing with judgments of madness.

  4. Oh yes!!! If we cannot make our own decisions, and choose for ourselves, who else will.. and more importantly, what good/purpose is our life?>!!

    A power packed poem… very nice!!

  5. Feels a little like a meditation on this week’s news (!) although I think it’s more timeless than that. I like the dual structure very much.

  6. This poem raises questions that are in the hearts of so many. Love the last two lines!

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