Literary doodle pad

Rain, out of control, pounds

Against the ground, the roof, the wall,

In a furious, childish rage,

Just by being himself it can but fall

And in that moment I empathise

With Rain, he can’t be helped, at all.

He’s raw, honest and helpless;

People hate him for causing discomfort

But we need Rain to sustain, we confess,

Revitalisation that we thought we sought

Rebounds in his self destructive passion

Having with our blind rejection fought.

Moderation’s fingers lack the elasticity

Or strength to reach round Rain’s temperament;

In places none, in others beyond plenty,

And Rain’s tantrum was never meant 

To invoke beholder’s pity.

Well if aloof Sun should happen to break out,

Remember, stunted would growth be without Rain.

‘Cause even if at first you like the drought

In the end you’d see it lead to Pain.


Comments on: "Empathy for the Tempest Rain" (19)

  1. You almost sound like my husband/farmer who is never satisfied with the amount of rain. It is always too little, too late or too much! You give a good description!

  2. I love it Catie, nice one!

  3. poetryuntold said:

    Last para is awesome

  4. Very well said. We are never satisfied. The weather is a good barometer of our lives. Always wanting what we don’t have; dreading what we don’t want; realizing it all works to our good. Wonderful writing!

  5. Just by being himself it can but fall- i enjoyed that simple line!

  6. super lovely rain piece, your words splash and make me smile.

    join poets rally as well, bless your day.

  7. I love this poem – thanks for sharing 😉

  8. Catie, this was really insightful. A creative and beautiful story of nature as metaphor to our feelings. Nice

  9. Love this, we always end up with pain

  10. Loved that first verse, especially that rhyme in it 🙂 Rain can be both troublesome and helpful.. Depends on the situation I guess.

    My Poem ~ Vicissitude of thought

  11. Catie, I wanted to let you know I posted a comment to your wonderful comment regarding my Possibility post you just recently read. I really appreciated your questions! I hope through my additional comment you can understand where I’m coming from! Thanks again!

  12. We had the most amazing rainstorm last night, and I was stuck on I-71 driving twenty miles an hour. I was only annoyed for a minute before being extremely thankful for the rain, because we’ve lacked it lately. This poem really does capture the feelings people have towards rain, one of the leading life forces of earth. Great poem.

  13. This is brilliantly written we’re I live there’s been a lot of storms and flooding lately

  14. Brilliant write, love is rain right, no matter what stage it is in, rain is love, lol, thank you, much appreciated, WS

  15. Virtual Sinner said:

    This is very cute. As it happens, I’ve been finding rain to be pretty sociopathic lately.

  16. I really liked the first three verses, but I’m not sure the fourth verse works with what has happened. It feels like a choppy ending. I can see the fourth verse being a turn, but then there would have to be more to the poem. Just thoughts I think.

  17. When Jesus said stones would worship he gave us, in his likeness, permission to say rain might tantrum…at least be passionate. If rain comes to release the tears and regrets in our soul as well as to water our crops it may have come in time. If our souls are already too barren, let the rain come and beat the crops into pulp; we’ll have no lasting need for bread.

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