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Dr Who Gushing Nerdiness

Essentially all I want to say is this:

I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE I have to wait till CHRISTMAS before I get some more.

I wonder what on EARTH will happen next?!!?

What are you the most geeky about? ;] xx


Comments on: "Dr Who Gushing Nerdiness" (11)

  1. Dr. Who is right up there with Mystery Science Theater…. Ok, I said it. I embrace my inner Geek.

  2. Currently my passions extend to all things geeky, however I really love the show Fringe. Secretly however I totally keep coming back to all things Wizard of Oz-ish, but don’t tell anyone.

  3. I haven’t watched any Dr Who…it all seems a bit random. I love Merlin but I’m never sure I should!
    P.S Have you liked my Facebook page to enter my giveaway? You should! x

  4. geeky?
    is there a different nuance from addicted or enthusiastic or lots of other words that don’t mean the same thing? lol I mean, can you be geeky about summer, chocolate, gazing into the hazy field wondering how many butterflies are between you and the horizon, days off work, or does it have to be men? If it’s just a star or a show. Nope. Not geeky. In this my Tidgekin, your Mamkin is out to grass. For now.

    • Nah mam, geeky doesn’t have to be about anything in particular… it think people generally associate it with computer games, or tv, or academic stuff, or whatever… and when I say i love doctor who… i mean the program not the doctor himself… i mean He’s great and everything but I’m not being gushy about him… it’s just the stories are so exciting and wonderful. So I think you could be geeky about butterflies or summer or something, but it’s not just about liking them or thinking about them.. it’s kind of like… you’d be studious of whatever subject you’re geeky about… Some people are proud of being geeks… other people would use it as a derogatory term. haha. :] xx

  5. I love Dr Who! I love Matt Smith. I am going to marry him. One day. What shall happen next in Dr Who?? Honestly, so glad you put this up! 🙂

  6. Love how you embrace your individuality! I think that is what the geek in all of us is- who we are and sometimes, we are afraid or embarrassed to scream it out loud!
    What a shame.

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