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Touch – Mam

Subtle tell-tale creases outline your eyes

And my finger longs to linger there

To share the stories softly etched

Unbridled laughter, earnest trace of care


I press my lips against your rough worked hands;

I’m five again, and I can feel the chafe

Your palm, clean water on my back

I know its warmth, or yours, and I am safe


The very things that reveal your humanity

And seal the letters detailing your days

Singing boldly, shirking vanity

They warm my skin like summer morning rays.

Comments on: "Touch – Mam" (18)

  1. what a sweet moment you’ve woven

  2. “reveal your humanity and seal the letters detailing your days”
    In more ways than one your poem reminds me of the letters I wrote to my daughters throughout their childhoods!
    You bring grace my dilapidation! xx

  3. Powerful poem I can relate to it a lot. I hope I have weathered, wrinkly skin as I get older, I want my children to remember the uniqueness and the stories.

  4. The images in this poem are indeed as comforting “as summer rays.” Thank you for sharing these beautiful memories.

  5. Aww I love this! Have you shared it with your lovely man? I bet she’ll treasure it forever xxx

  6. Having someone appreciate you as time wears down helps ease the transition into the next world. Your poem is eloquent and beautiful.

  7. comforting memories, and the more even comforting feeling that is attached to the memories. lovely poem. thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    thank you for stopping by to my blog earlier as well and leaving me comforting words.

  8. This is absolutely beautiful, Catie. Sensuous and soft, like the purring of a cat.

  9. so heartfelt and beautiful

  10. beautiful !
    no words to truly express this love ..

  11. love the ending line, heartfelt words.

  12. poetryuntold said:

    It is very flow-ey. I read it with so much ease. It also paints a very vivid and real picture. Lovely.

  13. Jigme Tenzin said:

    Touch-mam, so beautifully written, enjoyed reading!

  14. Hello.
    This is so tender & sweet. I’ve got a lump in my throat just reading it.
    A vivid tribute to “mam”, filled with love and respect.
    Simply beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Harp Of My Soul

  15. So very beautiful & sweet.


  16. This touched me as a deep attachment for a parent or older person who is very important. So very loving.

  17. Catie E. Another talent you’ve been hiding. Lovely work.

  18. poetryuntold said:

    i like the luscious details

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