Literary doodle pad

A tremor, faint, in your expression

Joins your half answer to my question;

One foot out I slow, I know,

Restraint’s an early mist on your emotion

A catch in your throat shows your struggle,

Heavy dew, light bloom aromas muddle

And with one cuddle, the honesty flows

While hopes and fears you juggle

I’m honoured when you share your heart,

Wind me by the climbers in your mind

To find your childlike courage when tears smart,

You blink away the weeds that try to bind

Beyond the quaint exterior, pearly paint,

The Secret Garden’s not so hard to enter,

Spirit’s fruit grow, love right at the centre,

Your roots ain’t like mine, but that’s adventure

‘Fore now your friendship’s taught me many things,

Of bold and thorny challenge; real love’s tough,

Praise ringing through the branches as you sing;

You’re precious and these words are not enough.


Comments on: "Secret Garden – For Hannah" (8)

  1. True friends are truly precious and you’ve conveyed that well here. I love the fourth stanza 🙂

  2. I love the flow and word choices. Melodic line work. I liked the concept of finding our childlike courage. I enjoyed this and look forward to reading more.

  3. Effective and original allegory;
    restraint’s an early mist on your emotion….stunning!

  4. I enjoyed this piece very much, catie! As I read I couldn’t decider whether you were speaking of a new pet, a child or a friend. That is the essence of poetry, to allow each reader to bring their own thoughts to your table!
    And thanks for your kind words about my blog.

  5. Hi Catie! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! So I’m back to say hello. 🙂 I love your poem. There’s lots of a sense of emergent hope in caring in its sentiments. The world needs so many of us to step out and have the courage to be that! 🙂

  6. honest and beautiful.


  7. Nice one…..simple yet beautiful

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