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Hello blogging world, it’s been a while…

Recently I took my shoes off and waded through a freezing cold river, and it was exhilarating and beautiful and fun….I think life can be like that… the cold can almost be enjoyable, just because it’s beautiful further on, and the person going with you is awesome, and they even help you warm up on the other side (But I do realise, life’s trials can be a lot worse than freezing cold feet).

I am a terrible and sporadic blogger. Which is fine, because my blog exists mainly to serve my own purposes, and when I don’t do it, that’s fine, because i’m doing it verbally with people around me, or creatively, by other means.

I recently read a post about resting that my friend wrote and it evoked a continuation of a thought process I have been figuring out.

I have blogged because I need to express, think and be creative.

I have worked because it is good to proactively contribute the the goings on of the world around us, and because it’s good to take responsibility for providing for the needs of my existence, which include financial demands.

BUT, I can express, think and be creative without blogging; no guilt attached.

SO… does it then follow that, if I can proactively contribute to the goings on of the world around me in a positive way, and take responsibility for providing for my needs, can I be unemployed without feeling guilty for it? I’m not suggesting I stay unemployed on purpose, at all (I would really love to have something to invest my time and energy in, and to feel independent as a result of the resulting income), but can it be that God wants me to learn to be humble, and learn to work without monetary reward, and then learn to receive from elsewhere, without being able to say I earnt it?

This lesson, God, is not a fun one to be learning, just so you know…. so if you’re reading my blog (the least you could do, I feel) then please help me to learn it quickly, so that I can then go ahead and get a job, and be a blessing to those around me? Please pretty please?

In other news I can now complete a rubik’s cube. Next on the list: a toss up between poi, and basic guitar playing… ;]

P.S. Is it wrong to deliberately make friends feel uncomfortable  in a lightly banterful way, just because they asked for it, and it’s funny?


Comments on: "Not Blogging and being Unemployed." (2)

  1. Guilt for unemployment? No, that’s like trying to put a star shape through a wiggle shaped hole. Nobody is unemployed..we are and we use our time. Some are paid huge amounts for using their time in destructive ways and some are paid hardly anything, or nothing for doing stuff that urgently, importantly needs doing; who’s ways are so much higher than ours? For whom do we labour without necessarily earning a wage or reward?
    That said, fortunately and or by grace there are jobs that are worthwhile and need doing, so I hope you get one of those soon.

    What else did you ask, possibly rhetorically, about making people feel bad in a jokey way? Is it wrong? Only if they actually feel bad or wounded. Different with different people. The wounded are more easily wounded again. I’m one. I am working on not being, of course! I can be hurt and at the same time, know I shouldn’t be because it was a joke and I asked for it. So I try and move into the self deprecating courage of laughing it off. The alternative is to put another onion skin of indifference on or to move away from the person, on the inside. Which is lonely. What I need is a true sense of self worth, then I would stop being easily hurt and be able to laugh with others at the comedy of my life and it’s endless sequence of unintentional jokes. Stand up comedy makes its best laughs out of the ordinary mundane facts of our existence and how ludicrous any self importance looks from a couple of paces away.

    And yes, God wants us to learn humility in any and every circumstance. Then we would not be so easily hurt, discouraged, blind etc etc. Fortunately for me, I’ve got humility down perfectly!!!!! lol.

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