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Two great things: Chocolate and Jesus

Just enjoyed me some PROPERLY delicious and Fairtrade* chocolate. It was REALLY enjoyable. Sadly, once the eating of it was done (altogether too quickly) the luxurious, joyful, deeply satisfying feeling subsided. And I just thought, all the things we love in life, can be really super great. But they just don’t keep us satisfied. This is why today I am boldly proclaiming that Jesus is the best, because He is a wellspring of life within, always offering us more than we can understand. He is ALWAYS enough and MORE. 

AND he doesn’t make me fat or spotty! ;] hahaha.

*Fairtrade chocolate is really truly excellent. My BESTEST LOVELIEST Pete gave me some Green and Black’s which is doubly enjoyable because not only does it taste dreamy, but it helps make dreams come true for people who are being paid a fair wage and having their communities invested in.

In conclusion, I am a fan of:

  • Jesus
  • Chocolate
  • Fairtrade
  • Peter


Comments on: "The better of two ‘Good’s ;]" (3)

  1. Having just read this post…it is the most like a fair trade chocolate experience of all your posts. That is apt! Is the order of the things of which you are a fan in the order in which you typed them!? 😛
    Chronologically so perhaps. You are right about the supremacy of the satisfaction of Jesus. I suppose because he also meets us in our future needs…nothing else can be there ahead of us. In how we need to grow. How we need to be strong in him for tomorrow’s as yet unmet challenge. And to face it free of yesterday’s burden! It is good (for me) to know you travel with Peter at your side and possible some dreamy fair trade chocolate in your pack sometimes…! 😀
    Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I feel I need more Catie in my life. Also Jesus and (FT) chocolate (have you tried G&B Salted flavour? Lush). I’d be happy with a Peter substitute too 😉
    Please write more!

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