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Having a baby doesn’t have to cost the earth. Literally.

via Trying to shop ethically: Baby Edition

Clearly I am not loved

In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat – for he grants sleep to those he loves.
Psalm 127:2 NIVUK

Now and Not Yet

Droplets of self loathing seep

Down my cheek, toxically,

Mocking the ideal I keep;

Happy, humble, okay me


Acknowledge, again, with shuddered sigh,

Satan’s plentiful supply of lies,

Nipping doggedly at threadbare ties

Of truth, strength, hope and serenity


Comfort’s time-lag stutters on,

As in the darkest black of night

I know the dawn will surely come,

Should knowing so bring instant light?


Once the gold rays filter in,

Forgotten fear seems foolish now;

Victory has drowned my sin,

A crown by grace placed on my brow



The better of two ‘Good’s ;]

Two great things: Chocolate and Jesus

Just enjoyed me some PROPERLY delicious and Fairtrade* chocolate. It was REALLY enjoyable. Sadly, once the eating of it was done (altogether too quickly) the luxurious, joyful, deeply satisfying feeling subsided. And I just thought, all the things we love in life, can be really super great. But they just don’t keep us satisfied. This is why today I am boldly proclaiming that Jesus is the best, because He is a wellspring of life within, always offering us more than we can understand. He is ALWAYS enough and MORE. 

AND he doesn’t make me fat or spotty! ;] hahaha.

*Fairtrade chocolate is really truly excellent. My BESTEST LOVELIEST Pete gave me some Green and Black’s which is doubly enjoyable because not only does it taste dreamy, but it helps make dreams come true for people who are being paid a fair wage and having their communities invested in.

In conclusion, I am a fan of:

  • Jesus
  • Chocolate
  • Fairtrade
  • Peter


Pursuit of Happiness?

A little while ago I watched the film called The Pursuit of Happiness.

It made me cry.

But the moments where I cried were not when they were at their most poverty stricken… not the point where Will Smith, the lead actor cries… it was where the family relationships broke down, separation of mother and son, of wife and husband. Or when the father shows desperation induced cracks in compassion for his son.

The thing is… those things being in tact are where we find happiness aren’t they really? And yet sometimes it takes losing something to realise how good it was. 

I think the film had the wrong name; it should have been called In Pursuit of Wealthiness. 

So what? I have a confession to make: I am Happy.

Why am I writing about it? Because I think we are looking for it in the wrong places. And sometimes we are IN happiness and we don’t realise it till the light changes. It’s like a stain glass window… different shades and hues, all making up the picture; life. Happiness is one of the colours, Other colours are not even necessarily bad, just different. 

The most important thing though, is that there is light shining into that window… to bring life into the picture, and if it was all one colour, it wouldn’t be nearly so beautiful.


So I love the times when I get to be i the happy colour, they’re lovely, but the other colours make it so much richer. It’s like with every year you get to step one step back, take in a bit more of the picture.


And what’s the light? I believe, the light is Jesus.


:] xx

Thanks :]

I nominate


Are you Rah? Or are you Charva?

Both are likely to cause lava

To begin to overflow

From the Judgement Volcano.


NB… this may only make sense if you’re from the UK. ;]


I accept the award, thank you Poetry Palace and friends

And I’d like to nominate Charlie Mashburn :]

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