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Experimental celebration cooking

So I just finished an assignment, and as a result went downstairs and had a peek in my cupboard at my available ingredients, no eggs… so ordinary cake was out of the question
so instead I went for….

Sesame cinnamon vanilla flapjack loaf….. it’s in the oven now…. better go see how it’s doing. :] hahaha I am crazy sometimes. :]


So I took it out and put it back in a few times, but eventually turned the oven off and faced the kind and humourous mockery of my housemates. Unfortunately, my patience was somewhat lacking so I didn’t wait for it to cool properly before digging it out of the tin. Then I ate some and burnt my tongue. But it was tasty. :] I had planned to photo it and then you could all have a chortle at my disastrous non recipe usage, but i forgot, and it’s all gone now… maybe I should just take a photo of a fat bulge… that’s what it looks like now… hahaha  (too far?) haha.

So… on I plod with various bits of work and other tasks…. but you have to take a break and be a little bit mad every so often.

Best be off to bed now, gotta be up at six tomorrow. YAY! Got that end of  holidays, pre-return daunting feeling, even though the last few days have been work focussed anyway.

Work can be enjoyable though, in fact it’s meant to be a gift. :] xx xx xx

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