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Touch – Mam

Subtle tell-tale creases outline your eyes

And my finger longs to linger there

To share the stories softly etched

Unbridled laughter, earnest trace of care


I press my lips against your rough worked hands;

I’m five again, and I can feel the chafe

Your palm, clean water on my back

I know its warmth, or yours, and I am safe


The very things that reveal your humanity

And seal the letters detailing your days

Singing boldly, shirking vanity

They warm my skin like summer morning rays.

Your greatest gift

Fire-cracker Mam, Rock Daddy

The gift that’s equaled by no other

Which you have given me

Is that you love each other


Thanks Jingle and everyone, head over to the great poet shin-dig here!


Pretty taken by surprise here for getting that awrd, but gladly accept. :]

I would like to nominate Thanks very much.

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