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This time she promised

Thank you God. I can’t tell the story. But it is one of redemption and freedom. I’m so grateful and hopeful. It’s about love, forgiveness, understanding, prayer, trust and ┬ácompassion. Thank you… you know who you are. And thank you God. I can’t sleep and I got thinking about it again… but this time I felt gratitude, I love you, I miss you.


“I love you so much they hate you compared to how much I love you” – hahah this always makes me smile.



Physical contact, not in a sexual way necessarily, (that is talked about quite a lot…) but one of the things I don’t always know where to draw the line with is things like play fighting and just hanging out with friends. How much it is okay to be physically close… I am a very tactile person and if I like someone, even just as a friend, I want to express it by hugging them, play fighting with them, playing with their hair etc… most of this is generally deemed okay when I’m with my friends who are girls, but when i’m with guys, even if there’s really definitely nothing going on other than friendship it seems to be something that’s frowned upon, is it wrong that that is the way I express myself?


Weary and lonely

Yet wanting to be alone,

Itching to fly

But energy gone,

Restless for no reason,

Excitement and dread

Quarreling, Sigh

I try again to clear my head


I know this lead

Is not mine to carry,

Don’t give in.

I tarry at the hurdle,


Breathe in the Sweet Pea Sun

Win back the day.

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